Who We Have Worked With

APEX is proud of an extensive client base that includes junior and major exploration companies, private and publically listed companies, and government and non-government organizations. A selection of current and recent clients are presented below; APEX’s entire client portfolio is presented on the Projects map.


Greenwood (British Columbia)
Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc, Lead

Buffalo Head Hills (Alberta)

Lloydminster and Medicine Hat Blocks (Alberta)

APEX planned and managed multi-year exploration programs on several of Grizzly Discoveries Properties. The field programs included till, rock and stream sampling, drilling, core logging, ground and airborne geophysical surveying and prospecting as well as subsequent assessment and NI 43-101 Technical reporting.

Thompson Project (Manitoba)

CaNickel engaged APEX to provide magnetic and TDEM geophysical surveying, permitting, regional-scale claims management, target generation and data management services.

Storm Project (Nunavut)
Copper, Zinc

APEX managed the exploration program at the Storm Project and provided ground gravity surveying and prospecting services to Aston Bay.

Railroad-Pinion Property (Nevada)

APEX has assisted Gold Standard with database validation, drill targeting, the development of exploration strategy and provided QA/QC of exploration activities. APEX has completed statistical analysis and resource modelling which have led to the publication of NI43-101 compliant resource estimations for the Pinion and Dark Star deposits.

Lac Cinquante Project (Nunavut)

APEX has worked with Kivalliq to provide project management, drill geology (supervision, logging and sampling), database management, as well as assessment and NI 43-101 Technical reporting.

Pikoo Project (Saskatchewan)

Qilalugaq Project (Nunavut)

APEX was contracted by North Arrow to complete ground magnetics surveys over potential kimberlite targets and a Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) study to characterize the Qilalugaq diamonds.

Seymourville (Manitoba)
Silica Sand Proppant

APEX provided project management, data compilation, sonic drilling, and sample logging services to Claim Post.

Muskox Diamond Project (Nunavut)

Crystal Exploration Inc. commissioned APEX to complete geological and geophysical data compilation and interpretation, permitting, and geological fieldwork.

Marg Property (Yukon)
Copper, Lead, Zinc, Gold, Silver

Coober Pedy (Australia)
Copper, Cobalt, Gold

Minquest engaged APEX to assist with planning and logistics, drill management, core logging, sampling, and camp refurbishment on their properties in Canada and Australia.

Captain Hook Project (Newfoundland)

APEX was comissioned to produce a 3D geological model and NI43-101 compliant mineral resource estimate of Red Moon's Captain Hook halite deposit. APEX ensured that the halite quality was in accordance with ASTM international designations for sodium chloride intended for use as a de-icer and/or for road construction and maintenance.

Rea Property (Alberta)

APEX was engaged by Brazil Resources to provide non-destructive analytical work on drill core including X-ray fluorescence (XRF), radiation detection, magnetic susceptibility and conductivity, and near-infrared mineral spectrometry. APEX managed a surface Time Domain Electro-Magnetic (TDEM) survey and completed the data processing and interpretation.

Kookynie and Yundamindera Projects (Western Australia)

Project Evaluations (Thailand and Cambodia)
Gold and Iron Ore

APEX planned and managed exploration and evaluation programs, conducted resource estimations and managed tenement packages since 2010. APEX has also assisted with various corporate undertakings.

Doolgunna-Marymia Project (Western Australia)
Base and Precious Metals

Yagarma and Kasele Projects (Nigeria)

APEX staffed and managed gold exploration programs in Nigeria comprising sampling, mapping and drilling while assisting with target generation on the Western Australian projects.

Alberta Data Compilation (Alberta)

APEX was contracted by the Alberta Energy Regulator and Alberta Geological Survey to complete a province wide digital data compilation and GIS implementation for online dissemination through Alberta Interactive Minerals Map viewer.

Ixtaca Project (Mexico)
Gold, Silver

APEX was engaged by Almaden to conduct sampling and drilling exploration programs and complete a NI43-101 compliant mineral resource estimate on their Ixtaca project.

Firebag Property (Alberta)
Silica Sand; Frac Sand; Proppant

Richardson Property (Alberta)
Bedrock Crush Aggregate

Athabasca Minerals comissioned APEX to conduct drilling, sampling and analytical programs that resulted in the generation of 3D models and mineral resource estimations for the Firebag and Richardson properties.

Bonanza Ledge Mine, Barkerville Mountain, Cow Mountain, Island Mountain (British Columbia)

APEX worked with Barkerville Gold Mines to provide drill hole database validation, bedrock & surficial mapping, prospecting/ rock sampling, soil sampling, ground magnetics and VLF (walking mag), GIS project management, 3D wireframe modelling, resource estimation and a NI 43-101 Technical Report.

Kahuna Diamond Project (Nunavut)

APEX completed data compilation and management, claims staking and a NI 43-101 Technical Report for Dunnedin.

Geothermal Resources (BC)
Geothermal Energy

APEX, jointly with Tuya Terra Geo Corp and Geothermal Management Company, was awarded an RFP bid to complete a direct use geothermal compilation for British Columbia.

FALC Project (Saskatchewan)

Star Minerals engaged APEX to assist with claims acquisition and support, drill program management, core logging, analytical recommendations and sampling.

May Mac Mine, Wildrose, Boundary Falls, Tam O’Shanter Properties (British Columbia)
Gold, Copper

APEX assisted Golden Dawn with their exploration programs in southern BC providing geological mapping and sampling, drill program management, refurbishment of the underground workings and other surficial prospects at the Boundary Falls Mine and Mill Site.

Graphite Creek (Alaska, USA)

APEX provided field exploration services including geological mapping and sampling, multi-year drill program management, core logging and sampling, 3D geological model, and resource estimate NI 43-101 Technical Reports

Valleyview Lithium Brine Project (Alberta)
Lithium Brine (Lithium, Potassium, Boron, Bromine, Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium)

APEX assisted Lithium Exploration Group with project management including hydrogeological characterization, oilfield brine sampling and was commissioned to complete a resource estimate NI 43-101 Technical Report.

Tell Project (Yukon)
Zinc, Nickel

APEX was contracted by Manson Creek to complete ground magnetics geophysical surveys on their Tell property.

Committee Bay Property (Nunavut)

APEX has worked closely with North Country Gold to develop their Committee Bay Property. Over their multi-year exploration program APEX has been involved at various levels including with project management, drill geology (supervision, logging and sampling), exploration fieldwork, database management, and in completing NI 43-101 Technical Reports.

Albany East and Kenagami Prospects (Ontario)

APEX assisted Turbo with claim staking and assessment reporting.

Other clients we have worked with include:

Strikepoint Gold